Stretch blow moulds and injection moulding solutions
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Technical Support

Stretched blow molds, injection molds, semiautomatic machines and special Applications.

Our production is characterized by:
• precision and speed. Precise machines and technologies, also control of each operation.
• user friendlyness and economic efficency
• agreed delivery times

We will come back to our mission:
To be the best at creating high quality blow, stretch blow, and injection molds, the quality control is performed through all stages of:
• designing
• manufacturing
• finishing

The mechanical design engineers are responsible for the whole design process. The manufacturing engineers are responsible for the manufacturing process. Butall of them with the technicians are one team. The final product is a result of the efforts of everyone involved in the above mentioned processes. All members of our team are responsible for their own performance.

Every mold is subjected to several tests:
• Test from Renishaw (developed by HAAS Automation Inc.) to check linear accuracy, mould geometry;
• Water test – for checking cooling flow through the mould.