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Vitalii & Son is equipped with technologically and advanced CNC machining centers.
The core of the centers consists of CNC HAAS machines – CNC machines for milling and turning processes.The HAAS CNC machines have hard drive and Ethernet interface with USB support. Program files can be transferred to and downloaded from hard drives. USB support allows the customer to use supplied zip drives or flash memory devices which are compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP. Our turning center is turning lathe HAAS SL-20 with Automatic Bar Feeder SAMSYS Barloade MultiSaver 5.55. The MultiSaver 5.55 allows: automation, high speed and high precision work.

Our VM HAAS Series – VF-3SS and VM-2 are vertical spindle CNC machines.
Text String, The VM HAAS Series are equipped with the HAAS – designed vector spindle drive, which provides precise speed control. Spindle speed 12000 max rpm for VF 3SS and also for VM-2 provides smooth operation for excellent surface finishes. These machines give the accuracy of Positioning ±0,005imm for VF-3SSPositioning ±0,0051 mm for VM-2Our facility is equipped also with rotary table, made also by HAAS Automation Inc. This rotary table provides 4-axis positioning.

Our facility is also equipped with CNC machines, Bulgarian origin:
• milling machine with vertical spindle – made by METALIC Ltd, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria;
• milling machines with horizontal spindle;
• CNC lathe;

Other equipment:
• universal lathes;
• turning machines;
• universal milling machines;
• radial drills;
• grinding machines;